Title: Passing It was just before late June that I first decided to mention my perilous adventures to my only grandson, Will. I had no particular reason for postponing my recount but after my recent heart attack and diagnosis of asthma, I had barely enough energy or conscience to allow movement within my body. So […]

The path that led to the street that led into 79 Harbour Manor was particularly unusual. The gravelled path, for starters, was arranged so nicely that whoever stepped into the threshold would have damaged days of hard work. It seemed that the elbow grease had been sourced from none other than the occupant of the […]

Short story-Stolen: It was a warm day in June. The sun was shining down with its rays as the clock struck noon; it was only midday. Thomas Bottleson of 79 June street entered through the reinforced doors of Harbourne state clinging to a white poster. It held no particular importance but had been tacked to […]

Dear diary, I am deeply ashamed of how a man like can be able to control a son that has been blessed with all my powers yet can not even take responsibility of himself. There are times when I feel like crying my heart out and the others I feel like tearing my body apart […]

One of the most significant and emotionally charged books are ones that strike deep into your heart and get the most out of you. They almost certainly make you want to read on and never put the book down again. Well, gathering these points together, one book ticks all these boxes along with its world-renowned […]

Dear diary, I am the happiest boy in the world perhaps. I have a family, can live life and have a flat that we call” home,” all anyone could have dreamt of. Papa and mama are a delight to be next to and everything I desired was right before my own eyes. I was living […]

Character-Pavel Describe the person’s clothes or any other aspects of their physical appearance. Mainly wears a white jacket when serving dinner to them. A frail being with little food being consumed and a very skinny person despite being a good doctor before. Looks as if he has some type of illness because he is limping […]

Chapter summary: Chapter 8- Why Grandmother stormed out: Bruno’s reminiscence of his memories especially on the people who he missed most, Grandfather and Grandmother, on what their history was and the leisure activities they perform daily. The parties that would take place in their place where Bruno’s grandmother always sang and they wore all types […]

In my opinion, I believe now that we have met the father properly, the impression he gives to us is that he is quite a serious and secretive person. An example that conveys this thought is,” They’re nothing to do with you. You have nothing whatsoever in common with them.” This portrays the message of […]

Answers: 1)Nazi concentration camps grew rapidly in number throughout the 1930s which was part of the 20th century. 2)The original purpose of the Nazi concentration camps were places where the enemies of Nazis were taken to in order for them to be tortured, enslaved, starved and worst of all, being killed. 3) Many people were […]